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Secret Space Programs, James Forrestal, Majestic 12 & John F. Kennedy

Follow along as our team of researchers carefully trace document trails, such as the Torbitt Document, showing that J.F. Kennedy knew about Secret Space Programs.

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Kennedy’s Last Stand & the Trump Card: Space Cooperation used against Deep State

While Kennedy’s earlier September 20, 1963 speech at the United Nations calling for the Soviets to cooperate on joint space missions and a moon landing is a well-known historical fact, Khrushchev’s acceptance less than two months later is virtually unknown to most.

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New Webinar – Kennedy’s Last Stand: UFO’s, MJ-12 & 4th Reich Links to JFK’s Assassination

In the final two weeks of his life President John F. Kennedy reached a momentous agreement with the leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Krushchev, for joint missions to the Moon and for the open sharing of classified UFO files.

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