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Underground Bases at Sandia, Groom Lake & Dulce – John Lear

All across the world are vast underground complexes connected by highspeed rail systems that are home to specialized compartmentalized programs. John Lear has personal contact with individuals who worked in places like these, such as Sandia and Dulce.

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Advance Technology Gained from E.T Civilizations – John Lear

John Lear has access to the people who worked to reverse-engineer technology gained from civilizations originating on other worlds. Despite attempts to conceal these special projects, he reveals that a great deal of technology from other worlds has made it into the hands of powerful aerospace corporations that will do anything to keep their secrets.

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Major Operations Far Inland at Sub Bases Under San Antonio, Finger Lakes & Canada

Unfortunately, John Lear’s interview where he tell us that The Pacific Ocean Extends Under 7 Western States – John Lear, the video has been censored – which tells us that most likely Lear was indeed telling a truth that corroborates with the topic about the sub bases Under San Antonio, Finger Lakes & Canada.

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The Secret Technology & The Moon Cover Up – John Lear

Click the original video or article link here >>> The Secret Technology and The Moon Cover Up… We Are Already There! Retired airline pilot John Lear reveals information pertaining to a fake space program involving the Apollo missions as well as secret program that actually started going to the moon in 1962 and landed on Mars in 1966, apparently using

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Moon Structures & Retro Engineering of Ancient Technology

COAST TO COAST AM INSIDER Archived Show – Former aviation pilot John Lear returned for a discussion about photographic evidence for cities and mining operations on the He said that mining operations for such substances as helium-3 have been going on for years, and that antigravity ships, secretly launched from Antarctica, arrive at the moon in only one hour’s time. Joining the conversation Richard C. Hoagland concurred with Lear that there are artificial structures on the moon, yet he suggested they may be ancient rather than new.

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