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“Space, the Final Frontier”: Star Trek and the National Space Rhetoric of Eisenhower, Kennedy, and NASA

“Space, the final frontier”: Star Trek and the national space rhetoric of Eisenhower, Kennedy, and NASA

In the original Star Trek television series of the 1960s, creator Gene Roddenberry made use of NASA imagery and the growing national space rhetoric to help sell his show to network executives. (credit: CBS/Paramount/NASA) Comments (19) “Space… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its […] See more at: “Space, the final frontier”: Star Trek and

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History of the Cabal – The Long Version

See an Abbreviated Version In a previous post, our fellow brother and Light Warrior Darrell Wayne Bolt was kind enough to lend permission for republishing this brief history of the cabal in the USA, originally posted on FB. Now for a much longer and more detailed version. An Insider’s Testimony to World Control Systems I ran across this long missive

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