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Project Camelot Interviews Bill Holden

As a young man, Bill Holden served as a steward on board Air Force One, from which he tells a beautiful little story of a short but revealing conversation he had with JFK about UFOs. But that was just the beginning of his experiences.

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FR – Interview du Dr Pete Peterson – 1 de 3 (2009) VOST

FR - Interview du Dr Pete Peterson - 1 de 3 (2009) VOST

Le Dr. Pete Peterson est un “insider” extrêmement bien informé, un scientifique de pointe brillant, qui a décidé de venir parler ouvertement car les questions qui lui sont importantes et dont il connait les tenants et les aboutissants sont trop importantes pour rester secrètes.

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Richard Dolan, Corey Goode, Andy Basiago, Bill Tompkins talk in Depth

For many months, Richard has said almost nothing about the widespread, concerning, serious problems of ‘whistleblower’ credibility. Here, at last, he speaks out, in full; and while he is careful and respectful as always, he does NOT mince his words.

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Amzing Interview With George Green – Part 1 of 2

George Green’s career extends from military service in the USAF (where he encountered alien disk craft in a remote hanger at Edwards AFB), through “playing monopoly” in corporate banking and large-scale construction, to working closely with the Pleiadians and other benevolent intelligences to “wake people up” in preparation for coming changes. Very few people we have talked to have a span of personal experience – and contacts – which is this broad.

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