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Takedown News Update 1/20/2021 – Kerry Cassidy

Kerry provides a review of recent news.

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Penny Bradley: Super Soldier – Kerry Cassidy

enny Bradley went to Schule on Mars, then served in the German militia as a fighter pilot until the end of the Mars war. In 1990, she was transferred to Nacht Waffen, the breakaway German military in space. She served as Navigator on a freighter ship until 2014 when she was age regressed and time traveled back to when she was taken. This is just the story of the first of the 31 alters she has reintegrated through Native American shamanic soul fragment retrieval.

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Alien Encounters & Elite Dealings – George Green

George Green’s career extends from military service in the USAF (where he encountered alien disk craft in a remote hanger at Edwards AFB), through “playing monopoly” in corporate banking and large-scale construction, to working closely with the Pleiadians and other benevolent intelligences to “wake people up” in preparation for coming changes.

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ET Contact, Past Lives, Shamanic Spears & Consciousness – Apolla Asteria

Apolla Asteria is an artist working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California as a SAG affiliated actress, a reporter, and the guitarist for the multi- award winning 432hz frequency band; The Siren. She is also the artist/creator of Shaman Spears, uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices she invented herself.

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Cosmic Connections Contactee – Jackie Lowe

In 2015, Jackie’s gift of sight was activated when she began experiencing on-going visitations with her ET family, Seraphim and Angels. In a span of 15 months, August 2016-November 2017, Jackie’s soul-story abruptly ended – Jackie embodied the awareness that it is often through “profound” loss that we are activated to a higher cosmic purpose.

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