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Video: Trump is an A.I. Hosted in a Human Body

“In this 2017 video, long-time researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Cambodian Pol Pot regime survivor Dr. Kosol Ouch. Ouch relates his interaction in a dream with what he claims is a benevolent AI named “IBM Watson”, which came from the future (about 2026) to prevent a malevolent (not good) AI inhabited by the body of Donald Trump from creating a dystopian future marked by planet-wide thought control. The Donald Trump AI was originally planted by and/or influenced by a negative AI that was attempting to take over the earth’s inhabitants.

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Patent Published for ‘Shoebox-Size’ Fusion Device: Power for US Navy’s New Antigravity Spacecraft?

Technology uses heavy hydrogen gas easily extracted from the ocean water to produce a surplus of energy upwards of the order of 1018 – enough to power a sizable city, or the US Navy’s existing antigravity spacecraft .

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