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Past, Present & Future Communications with E.T. Intelligence Explained

As we approach open disclosure of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth, the next logical question will be “how do we understand and communicate with intelligent ET races?” Evidence shows, however, that some ETs have already been preparing humanity for environmental changes and open ‘contact’ for many decades.

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Drachk Attack/Recovery Ship In Mexico In Daylight (3-11-2017)

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See the original article here: Drachk Attack/Recovery Ship In Mexico In Daylight (3-11-2017). Well, get a load of this. I put together a compilation of Drachk Ships and Alurean Motherships to prove a very simple point. They are not only real, they are here starting to show themselves. They are barely covering their ships with a fake cloud material. Soon,

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Legends from Sonora

I recommend this as a source for unexplained and esoteric history for goings-on in Mexico. The Mexican state of Sonora is located in the northwestern part of the republic and borders the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Baja California as well as the American states of Arizona and New Mexico. It is home to a diverse landscape of deserts, high

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