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Kerry Cassidy Interviewed by Michael Jaco

We talk about Kerry’s background, supersoldiers, MILAB, and Montalk as well as what’s happening now and much more…Jam packed with good info!!

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The Unspeakable Agenda of the Reptilian Extraterrestrials

Researcher James Bartley discusses many topics which are becoming more and more talked about in the main stream. The elite blood lines linking back to extra-terrestrial origins, reptilians and alien abductions and Mi Lab (Military Laboratory Abductions) and off word interface and much more.

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“Out Of This World” interview with Corey Goode & David Wilcock

Jenny McCarthy talks to Corey Goode and David Wilcock about the secret space program, space force, high vibrations, aliens, the hidden universe, MILAB programs, exposing cosmic secrets, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, new paradigms of matter & energy, the illuminati, and ascension.

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Super Soldier Adrian Espinoza Channels Lincoln Clay / Shapeshifting, Hitler’s Clone

Today Adrian will be channeling Lincoln Clay to learn about Project Linear, Project Camelot, Sargent Crow A.K.A. Sheriff Robert Kelly, time portal technology, M.O.B. Shapeshifting Process, Project 13 Cube, A.I. memory cords, James Jackson, Adolf Hitler’s Clone, Project Abandonment, and much more.

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Introducing Former SSP Insider & Whistleblower Aug Tellez

Amanda Lorence ~ Message for the Wayshowers

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I recently discovered the testimony of an alleged secret space program insider and whistleblower, Aug Tellez. He claims to have been involved in high level secret projects such as the military abduction program (MILAB), time-travel, secret space programs, and more. His narrative strongly correlates His narrative strongly correlates with that of Corey Goode, another SSP

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