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Admiral Richard Byrd’s 1946 Secret Operation Highjump to Antarctica

The Secret Land is a 1948 American documentary about an American expedition code-named “Operation High Jump” to explore Antarctica. The expedition was under the overall command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

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The Mystery Man Behind The US Navy’s Antigravity & Other Patents

In 2019 the US Navy is assignee on 5 revolutionary patents invented by Salvatore Cezar Pais. Stuff like a fusion reactor that produces 1000 gigawatts that’s a size basket ball. That’s enough to power almost 100 big cities and the other one is an antigravity craft that can fly equally in air, water and space with crew not experiencing inertia. THE U.S NAVY CLAIMS PAIS’ PATENTS ARE ENABLED AND OPERABLE!!!

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How the Absurd “Dazzle” Camouflage Strategy Ended WWI Carnage

Submarine warfare in the latter stages of the First World War would lead to one of the most interesting methods of camouflaging ships — dazzle camouflage, also known as razzle dazzle. In a seeming contradiction, vibrant paint schemes were applied to a variety of warships and merchant vessels in an attempt to protect them from the ever-present danger of German U-boats.

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