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Advanced Technology & Secret Space Operations: The Antarctica Connection

Researcher and author Dr. Michael Salla reveals startling information pertaining to secret societies and how German authorities during the second world war manufactured numerous hidden bases in the region of Antarctica.

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US Navy Speaks Up About Its “UFO Patent” Experiments

After reporting on the bizarre saga of the US Navy’s “UFO” patents by Dr. Salvatore Pais for over a year and a half, The War Zone has finally gotten an on-the-record comment from the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD). In a nutshell, NAWCAD concluded in September 2019 that the “Pais Effect” could not be proven.

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Emails Show Navy’s ‘UFO’ Patents Went Through Significant Internal Review, Resulted In A Demo

While the Navy’s exotic energy production patents remain as mysterious as ever, these emails add to the backstory surrounding the inventions of Salvatore Pais and suggest that the patents went through a more rigorous internal evaluation process than was previously known. The emails also seem to indicate that the research program that emanated from the patents did in fact result in an experimental demonstration of some sort.

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Space Force Plans to Nearly Triple in Size in Second Year, Could Accept Army, Navy Transfers

Gen. Jay Raymond, the chief of Space Operations, will officially become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sunday when the Space Force marks its one year anniversary. The space chief told reporters that he was optimistic about his plans to grow the force from about 2,400 active-duty troops to about 6,400 by the end of 2021.

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