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Underground Bases at Sandia, Groom Lake & Dulce – John Lear

All across the world are vast underground complexes connected by highspeed rail systems that are home to specialized compartmentalized programs. John Lear has personal contact with individuals who worked in places like these, such as Sandia and Dulce.

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UFO’s, Grey Aliens & The Government Documentary 🛸 Phil Schneider

Phil Scheider talks about how the U.S. has developed technology that enables the government to tunnel deep underground to create a nationwide network of supersonic trams that connect many military bases. These trams, in turn, connect many D.U.M.B.s or DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES, in which covert operations are being performed.

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Inside the Abandoned Ghost Towns of New Mexico

“You can’t imagine how many houses there were here,” says Ben Sisneros, looking up the Pecos River Valley to the Great Plains beyond. “There used to be bars, stores, schools. Right over there was La Salla Dancehall.” Now the dancehall is an empty patch of earth. The church we’re outside in Colonias, New Mexico, is crumbling in the sun. The

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Recommended: Mexico Unexplained

Legends from Sonora

I recommend this as a source for unexplained and esoteric history for goings-on in Mexico. The Mexican state of Sonora is located in the northwestern part of the republic and borders the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Baja California as well as the American states of Arizona and New Mexico. It is home to a diverse landscape of deserts, high

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