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Michelin’s Inflatable Sails Hybridize Freight Ships to Cut Emissions

Beyond putting rubber on the world’s least-efficient hypercars, the Michelin Group also has its hand in more sustainable inflatable endeavors. Its Wing Sail Mobility (WISAMO) project aims to increase efficiency among cargo ships using an inflatable sail that deploys to take advantage of available wind, quickly retracting on demand.

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Ancient Megaliths Discovered Beneath the Ocean

Arcane accounts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Sumeria tell startling similar stories of the oceanic destruction of advanced civilizations which vanished into the world’s oceans and forgotten to the ravages of time. New technology scouring the vast depths are discovering the ruins of these lost lands. To the disbelief of established scientific communities, the evidence gathered correlates to surviving tales of an antediluvian world predating the establishment of Göbekli Tepe. These lost cities tell of the ongoing conflict between Enki and Enlil hold the secrets to unlocking the ancient code of human origin and destiny.

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How the Absurd “Dazzle” Camouflage Strategy Ended WWI Carnage

Submarine warfare in the latter stages of the First World War would lead to one of the most interesting methods of camouflaging ships — dazzle camouflage, also known as razzle dazzle. In a seeming contradiction, vibrant paint schemes were applied to a variety of warships and merchant vessels in an attempt to protect them from the ever-present danger of German U-boats.

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How the Navy Tracks Extraterrestrial Traffic Into & Out of the Oceans

One of Emery Smith’s most unusual missions took him to a base located deep under the Atlantic Ocean to examine a being that could not be brought to the surface. He shares what he knows on the prevalence of bases located deep under the oceans, some of which are buried deep below the sea bed. Many of these are located near sacred sites which serve as portals to distant worlds; others were constructed to track extraterrestrial traffic moving through the Earth’s oceans.

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