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The Final Battle for Earth! (11-19-2020)

As planet Earth moves further along the Gamma Timeline towards the end of Earth year 2020… a Massive fleet of Benevolent LIGHT Forces docked in Earth’s Solar System were given a Green-Light Go Directive to initiate the Final Operation “Ascension Earth”.

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A Pleiadian Message – It’s Time to Lift the Veil

This message came through yesterday morning (~11/3/2020). At first it felt like it was in relation to my November energies reading (which I still believe it is). However after finishing the video last night, I got chills when I realized the broader scope of the message for the world. Tune in now…It’s Time To Lift The Veil – The Pleiadians

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Tachyon is the Source of All Frequencies

I will now describe tachyons. They are Subatomic particles that travel faster than Light that infuse matter with Spiritual Light, such as from our Galactic Center. Tachyonization is a technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of Tachyons and permanently changes the Quantum properties of the Atomic Nuclei, which compose that matter.

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Energy Update by the Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light ~ July 19, 2020

Dear One, as you are moving through this powerful transition, we invite you to SHIFT Consciously into a Higher Reality – a Higher Dimension. You can do this by Letting Go of the third dimensional reality with what you are focusing on (positive and pleasant) or not focusing on (negative and unpleasant).

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Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission 06-21-2020

💙 *The Event – Solstice 2020 Stargate Opens, the Great Turning Point! * 💙 Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission 06-21-2020 Channeled by Michael Love for immediate planetary broadcast to the Starseeds of Earth *A message of hope and freedom that comes directly from the Pleiadians! Begin transmission….. Great Ones, today, is the great turning point! today everything changes! today ‘the event’

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