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French Police Lay Down Shields – Join 100,000 Protesters Marching Against Vaccine Passport

“While the media is painting the protesters as “anti-vaxxers,” in reality, the people on the ground simply desire freedom. There is nothing free about forced vaccines to have coffee or to engage with the public.”

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Lockdown Warning: ‘Our Families Are Starving,’ They’ll Become ‘Revolutionary Citizens Real Soon’

Lockdown warning: 'Our families are starving,' they'll become 'revolutionary citizens real soon'

A military veteran business owner in Northern California lit into his county’s leaders at a board of supervisors meeting, warning that restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are threatening the lives of his family and many others. “This is a warning for what’s coming; it’s not going to be peaceful for much longer,”

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Rapper Lord Jamar: Black Lives Matter ‘Not Our Movement – Given To Us By George Soros’

VIRAL VIDEO: Rapper Lord Jamar: Black Lives Matter ‘Not Our Movement,’ ‘Given To Us By George Soros’

Rapper Lord Jamar, a member of the hip-hop group Brand Nubian, sparked controversy when he rejected the Black Lives Matter organization over its Marxist roots, alleging it was created by far-left philanthropist billionaire George Soros and saying it is robbing Black Americans of their own “organic movement.”

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Billion-Dollar Firm Leads ‘Mass Exodus’ from Occupied Seattle

Billion-dollar firm leads 'mass exodus' from occupied Seattle

See the original article here: Billion-dollar firm leads ‘mass exodus’ from occupied Seattle A neighborhood east of Seattle’s downtown has been taken over by militant activists declaring it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” (video screenshot) On the heels of a longtime Seattle business owner predicting a “mass exodus,” an investment-advisory company has announced it’s leaving the political and cultural unrest

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Ben Swann: Who Is Placing Piles Of Bricks At Protests?

Truth In Media with Ben Swann, Episode 27: Who Is Placing Piles Of Bricks At Protests?

See the original article here: Truth In Media with Ben Swann, Episode 27: Who Is Placing Piles Of Bricks At Protests? This source provides reporting on the continuing deep state, military industrial complex, cabal, takedown, Illuminati, Global Currency Reset, GCR, gold-backed currency, NESARA, GESARA, Mainstream Media, Fake News, Qanon, Q, stillnessinthestorm.com

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Watch: House Candidate Holds AR-15, Tells Antifa ‘stay the Hell Out of N.W. Georgia’

Watch: House candidate holds AR-15, tells Antifa 'Stay the hell out of N.W. Georgia'

The lead fundraiser among the candidates as of mid-April, according to Georgia’s Capitol Beat News Service, was businesswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’d raised $1.1 million, although $700,000 of that had come from a loan she’d floated to herself. Those unfamiliar with Greene might think that means she’s a safe, boring Republican, the kind who would attend at least three power

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Right-wing Protesters Clash With Police in Rome

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RT.com – Hundreds of right-wing demonstrators gathered at #Rome‘s famous Circo Massimo on Saturday afternoon to protest against the Italian government and the restrictions put in place due to the #COVID19 outbreak in #Italy. “(Italian President Giuseppe) Conte should have resigned yesterday and should allow the Italians to vote and finally give us the possibility to have an elected government,”

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