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Mysterious Deaths Of “Great Reset” Overlords Linked To Prince Charles “Not Coincidence” – Robert David Steele

Robert Steele: COVID-19, Global Economic Re-Set, Sun Belt, Trump’s Re-Election Challenges

Transcript reveals an amazing exchange between President Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their telephonic conference yesterday, the history of their over 40-year close personal relationship needs to be examined first.

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They Found Advanced Technology on the Moon – Richard Hoagland

“They’re claiming NASA has hidden crucial data, information, rocks, samples, and cultural artifacts,” said Richard Hoagland , pointing to Russian president Putin as the force behind this inquiry. “[He’s] driving a dagger through the heart of the deepest most extraordinary secret of the West,” he added.

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Putin Shuts Down Bill Gates


See the original article here: PUTIN CLOSES GATES THE CARING PEOPLES PAPER Please publish our stories and share them on social media. We are dependent upon donations. Never miss a story: Follow My Blog right-hand column scroll down Visitors welcome to visit BOOKS or BUY FROM AUTHOR [email protected] Russian President Vladimir Putin has outlawed Microsoft’s Bill Gates and his corporation.

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