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White Hats & The Battle for Sovereignty, Mirrors, Kundalini Awakening, Virgin Galactic – Elizabeth April

Elizabeth gives us an update on what she knows recently.

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Remote Viewing the Galactic Federation of Worlds – Michael Salla

In December 2020, the father of Israel’s space program, Professor Haim Eshed, created an international media frenzy when he described President Donald Trump communicating with an alliance of extraterrestrial races called the Galactic Federation. Eshed said Trump wanted to disclose the truth about alien life, but the Galactic Federation replied that humanity wasn’t yet ready.

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Stephan A Schwartz – Remote Viewer, Scientist, Author – Kerry Cassidy

This is a pre-recorded interview with well known remote viewer, award-winning author, distinguished researcher, scientist and futurist, Stephan A. Schwartz. We discuss remote viewing, nonlocal consciousness and his award-winning fiction book AWAKENING which features the rescue of an alien from a hidden military facility.

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