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They May Be Prepping Us for Social Media Blackout before Switching to the New Quantum Internet System (QIS)

Editor comment: If they openly publish something like this, this most likely means the queen’s passing-on has already happened. This may also be used as an excuse to shut down the global internet to switch over to the new Quantum Internet System (QIS).

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Extremely Positive World Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Michelle provides uplifting encouragement of how the world will be in the future. See the video notes provided, typed up courtesy of Star Nations News℠.

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Buckingham Palace – Windows Boarded Up – Royal Seal Gone

Buckingham Palace - Windows Boarded Up - Seal Gone

I first thought the guards were Gurkhas but later learned they are RAF guards… non the less, there were guards in traditional uniform the week before so something is strange.. I have also noticed an increase in military near and around the palace See more at: Buckingham Palace – Windows Boarded Up – Seal Gone

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