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New Webinar – Kennedy’s Last Stand: UFO’s, MJ-12 & 4th Reich Links to JFK’s Assassination

In the final two weeks of his life President John F. Kennedy reached a momentous agreement with the leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Krushchev, for joint missions to the Moon and for the open sharing of classified UFO files.

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Russian Startup Looks to Be the Space ‘Junkman’

Russian startup looks to be space’s ‘junkman’

See the original article here: Russian startup looks to be space’s ‘junkman’ The Russian space tech startup that had planned to use satellites as an “orbital billboard” to display constellation-like advertisements in the night sky says it has put that project on hold “after receiving many comments and a lot of constructive criticism.” Instead, StartRocket is now working on a

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Secret Documentation on Russian UFO Encounters… The Siberian Hotspot!

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Russian Military Exploration of Siberia and Antartica have lead to numerous classified documents containing information on the subject of UFO encounters. Siberia, rich in mineral deposits has been the focus for Russian government exploration and experiments. Similar operations have been carried out in Antartica and by the Russian Space Agency which were documented and later released to the general public. The information in these reports were shocking!

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