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Cyber Security & Space Security

Cyber security and space security

Communications links between ground stations and satellites are in some cases vulnerable to cyberattacks, linking cybersecurity with space security. (credit: Wikimapia) What are the challenges at the junction of cybersecurity In 2014, the network of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was hacked by China. This event disrupted weather information and impacted stakeholders worldwide. Satellites are often highly vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches as some telemetry links are not even encrypted.

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Report Injustice to Galactic Federation Security

Perhaps we can say this is a post for the more spiritually-minded audience… For those people who know they are here on this planet to serve truth and justice, know that if you witness something bad being done (crime against humanity, another person, your self, or something that’s just plain wrong), and whether you see this in any chosen realm

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