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~ Aluna Ash ~ Spiritual Energy Update – 23 June 2020

~ Aluna Ash ~ 23 June 2020

See the original article here: ~ Aluna Ash ~ 23 June 2020 It’s been just about a few days since Solstice and the Solar Eclipse Activation line up to the Galactic Equator bringing in much needed changes in energy over the next 6 months until the next significant activation related to this one- December 2020. We are integrating a New

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Summer Solstice (2012?), YATJ, Schumann Resonance Meterage and More

See the original article here: Summer Solstice (2012?), YATJ, Meterage and More [UPDATE3] Someone sent us the above image and asked us to verify. It’s not a warning. It’s a signpost. And it’s true. We kinda got chills when we looked. By the way… According to the Ancient Egyptian calendar, this is the year 2012. Let that sink in. When

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