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The Space Resources Debate Pivots From Asteroids to the Moon

The interest in space resources, though, persists, although with a different destination in mind: the Moon. The reinvigoration of lunar exploration through NASA’s Artemis program, as well as the space programs of China and other nations, has brought new attention to lunar resources, notably water ice at the poles that could sustain future lunar bases and fuel—literally—exploration of the Moon and beyond.

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Apollo 16 – Nothing So Hidden

Apollo 16 - Nothing So Hidden

Intriguingly revealing video of the Apollo moon missions. Astronauts: John W. Young, Thomas K. Mattingly, and Charles M. Duke, Jr. Shows the landing and the three lunar traverses in the highland region of the Moon, near the crater Descartes. Includes an astronaut’s eye view from the Rover; the lunar Grand Prix; the discovery of the house-sized rock; lunar lift-off; and the EVA 173,000 miles above the Earth. Microphones and cameras in Mission Control record the emergency problem solving during the prelanding crisis, and the reactions of scientists on Earth as the astronauts explore the Moon.

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We Are in a New Space Race, and America Needs to Win | Opinion

Space Force unveils its official logo and motto: 'Always Above'

Although they have been mocked by critics ignorant of their importance, steps like the administration’s commissioning of the U.S. Space Force, its establishment of a dedicated Space Command and the creation of a dedicated space technology development arm are all signs that the White House is beginning to view space as a new arena of strategic competition.

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