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MUFONs Jan Harzan Arrested, Infiltration & POTUS Briefed: ‘Roswell = Humans in the Future’? WTF?

MUFONs Jan Harzan Arrested, Q-munity Infiltration & POTUS Briefed 'Roswell = Us in the Future'? WTF?

Jan Harzan, director of MUFON arrested, Qanon movement infiltration. Alliance Updates and POTUS Roswell Briefings that discuss time-traveling humans.

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Planet-Sized Ships Regulating the Incoming Energies

I was watching some videos of interviews of “whistleblower” William (Bill) Tompkins, one of many insiders into the Secret Space Program. In the video (several years old by the time I watched it) he makes mention of at least one planet-sized ship that had parked itself directly outside our solar system. He said the purpose of the ship was effectively to set up a quarantine around our solar system to keep unwanted (ca8al) traffic from either going in and out. In the video I’m pretty sure Tompkins said these ships were really huge – like “the size of Jupiter” – or something to that effect.

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Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission 06-21-2020

💙 *The Event – Solstice 2020 Stargate Opens, the Great Turning Point! * 💙 Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission 06-21-2020 Channeled by Michael Love for immediate planetary broadcast to the Starseeds of Earth *A message of hope and freedom that comes directly from the Pleiadians! Begin transmission….. Great Ones, today, is the great turning point! today everything changes! today ‘the event’

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