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Benjamin Fulford: What’s Going on With China & US – Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford — August 10th 2020: UFO Disclosure shows Elite Planning to follow up on Fake Pandemic with Fake Alien Invasion

Benjamin Fulford gives a rundown on what seems to be going on.

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China Suffers Taiwan Air Battle Defeat As U.S. Military Goes On The Offensive – Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford — July 27th 2020: (SUMMER BREAK EDITION) The U.S. is Now a Failed State and What to do About It

The battle for Planet Earth is intensifying on all fronts. Last week the Chinese attacked Taiwan because the U.S. military gave the Joe Biden CG puppet president a new script. We received direct confirmation from a U.S. three-star general that “the U.S. military knows the election was stolen; all hell is about to break loose.”

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Unconfirmed: China’s GenSec Xi To Step Down, China Communist Party To Dissolve, President Trump Involved – Cirsten W

Cirsten brings news about what sounds like the lessening of tenuous relations among Taiwan, China and the USA. This includes the dissolution of the CCP. President Trump seems to be involved. The wording of the email she reads aloud seems unclear, but the message sounds as if it means to impart good news.

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Taiwan to Require All Foreign Visitors Take COVID PCR Test

Taiwan to require all foreign visitors take PCR test

(CNA photo) TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After Taiwan opens its borders to travelers, they will be required to pass a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) before they will be allowed to enter the country, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on Monday (June […] See more about this here: Taiwan to require all foreign

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