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Extraterrestrial Contact & the Galactic Federation – Elena Danaan

Elena Danaan recounts her personal contact experiences, the most dramatic of which involved an abduction at age nine by five gray aliens. In the midst of two medical procedures involving implants, she was rescued by two human looking extraterrestrials using laser weapons.

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Intergalactic News: Congratulations Sent To Earth from Other Star Nations & Other News

While many enlightened light warriors and way-showers are fully aware that Gaia and her many inhabitants are undergoing an evolution not seen before elsewhere in the universe, relatively few know that that the other Star Nations are likewise going through their own form of evolution along with Gaia.

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Wilbert B. Smith’s Telepathic Contact with Humanoid Aliens

In 1954, Smith met a certain Frances Swan through Rear Admiral Herbert B. Knowles of the U.S. Navy. Swan claimed to have been channeling telepathically transmitted entities from ETs named Affa and Ponar, who were flying 2 ships. Knowles, meanwhile, was concerned about two “satellites” which had been orbiting Earth that year and the prior year, one of which hovered above the Pentagon at 90,000 feet.

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