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Planet-Sized Ships Regulating the Incoming Energies

I was watching some videos of interviews of “whistleblower” William (Bill) Tompkins, one of many insiders into the Secret Space Program. In the video (several years old by the time I watched it) he makes mention of at least one planet-sized ship that had parked itself directly outside our solar system. He said the purpose of the ship was effectively to set up a quarantine around our solar system to keep unwanted (ca8al) traffic from either going in and out. In the video I’m pretty sure Tompkins said these ships were really huge – like “the size of Jupiter” – or something to that effect.

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Einstein, Tesla, Edison, and Marconi on Radio Signals From Aliens

Einstein, Tesla, Edison, and Marconi on Radio Signals from Aliens

Article by Alejandro Rojas June 3, 2020 (denofgeek.com) • Tesla and Marconi, the renowned scientists who invented the radio, believed they had received contact from intelligent extraterrestrial beings. This subject is at the center of Amazon Prime’s drama, The Vast of Night , where a switchboard operator and a DJ in a small town in the 1950s discover a strange,

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