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“Prepare Yourself, They Tried Keeping It Hidden”

Various topics covered including: Mars colonization, teleportation, chronovisor, time travel, remote viewing, Nikola Tesla, Doriot Climatic Chambers and much more.

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Nacht Waffen Pilot Interviews Peter Moon

Born and raised in California, Peter Moon is primarily known for his investigation of space-time projects and particularly the Montauk Project, a series of mind-control experiments that were conducted at Montauk Point, New York during the seventies and early eighties and were reported to have resulted in full scale experiences of time travel.

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Secret Space Program (SSP): Time Travel, Teleportation & Mind Control

Shrouded in mystery, the existence of the Secret Space Program is a closely guarded secret, but information from government whistleblowers, intelligence operatives and former astronauts have been surfacing for decades. How did the expression “flying saucer” found its origin? Kenneth Arnold explains. Eyewitnesses reveal their experiences and direct involvement in secret programs such as the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments.

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