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New US Space Force Flag May Depict Pleiades & Lyran Star Constellations – Extraterrestrial Alliances

Assuming that the star patterns depicted on the flag are indeed these two constellations, this may suggest a possible alliance the Space Force has made with these two star nations. Numerous accounts of contactees with both nations attest to this possibility.

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Caution when using William Tompkins book “Selected by Extraterrestrials…”

Originally posted on Helios Journal™:
Who is William Tompkins? William “Bill” Tompkins is well-known as a whistle blower or truth-seeker among folks interested in advanced technologies, UFOs, ETs, and aliens. As the folks at Wikipedia say about him… Uh… Well, he doesn’t have a wiki entry, which doesn’t make sense. Especially considering his credentials: he worked in secret programs with…

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