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Starlink & The QFS (25 May 2021) – Michelle Fielding

QFS and more with Jackie White, Michelle Fielding and Alexander Quinn (recorded 25th May 2021)

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History of the Cabal – The Long Version

See an Abbreviated Version In a previous post, our fellow brother and Light Warrior Darrell Wayne Bolt was kind enough to lend permission for republishing this brief history of the cabal in the USA, originally posted on FB. Now for a much longer and more detailed version. An Insider’s Testimony to World Control Systems I ran across this long missive

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Truth Behind the Trump / JFK / Princess Diana / Melania Connection – Janine Morigeau

Check out Tarot by Janine’s new video where she does a reading looking into deep rumors about the connections of Trump, the JFK legacy and Princess Diana! Are those connection through family bloodlines? Possibly back to the time of Jesus? The family of Jesus? The truth may be stranger than any fiction…

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