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82 Known ET Races Populating Universe

Craig Campobasso is a filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director, who directed and wrote the short film “Stranger at the Pentagon described “some of the 82 extraterrestrial species said to populate the universe, including their origins, physical characteristics, technological and mental abilities, and cosmic agendas.

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Movie about The Pentagon Extraterrestrial “Valiant Thor”

An extraterrestrial known by the name Valiant Thor, who visited the Pentagon in 1957, holds a higher perspective of humanity, as explained by filmmaker Craig Campobasso. Unlike many other extraterrestrials visiting our planet, Valiant Thor was not camera shy.

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The Problem with the ET’s & Aliens

Actually the title of this report “The Problem with the ET’s & Aliens” is a bit of a misnomer. The problem is not with the ETs and aliens. The problem is with the very limited and sometimes outright incorrect ideas about ET’s and aliens. Let me explain…

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Valiant Thor – the Alien That Lived at the Pentagon


His name is Valiant Thor; he looks human, but he has some key physiological differences. He is from Venus. One of the great tenants of the huge Extra Terrestrial/UFO lore that has blanketed conspiracy theories for over 80 years, and one which has enthralled certain fringe ‘believers’: the story […] See more at: VALIANT THOR – THE ALIEN THAT LIVED

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