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Trump: “A lot Of Things Happening Right Now”, Military Only Way Forward – X22 Report

The states and business are opening up, people are feeling good, consumer confidence is way up, the real estate home prices are way up, this is Trump recovery from the pandemic.

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To Understand What Is Happening With The Economy, People Must Be Shown – X22 Report

Companies are now scrambling and moving out of states that are proposing higher tax rate. The patriots need to show the people the difference between a system that devalues it’s currency compared to a system that retains its value.

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[DS] Prepares Cyber Attacks, Red2, Central Communication Blackout Comes Into Focus – X22 Report

Trump put everything into place with the pandemic and now the military is doing exactly what he wants. The [DS] is getting ready to cyber attack Russia, this about shutting down central communication when the evidence starts to come out.

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Red Button Pushed, Plot Twist Coming, Military, Devolution The Only Way Forward – X22 Report

People are now experiencing the establishment economy. Before Trump it was difficult to see the difference, and now people can see the difference. Fuel prices are sky rocketing, inflation is starting to pick up, the [CB] is now in focus.

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