The Aalof ETs – the “Couriers”

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A few days ago I was telepathically shown a member of an ET race I’ve not seen before. While they may have been in contact with other humans previously under different names, they identified themselves to me as Aalof (“ah-loff”). The word “courier” also telepathically came to mind.

As I viewed this Aalof citizen, they showed me that they travel around Earth in higher dimensional ships (sometimes visible to lower D-tuned human eyes). The ship they showed me was crescent shaped, but I was later told by a colleague that their ships are able to change shape and configuration to match the function of what the task at-hand is.

In regards to the word “courier” I heard, this has to do with what they do. They gather information about nearly everything taking place on earth: from political situations, human physiology energy readings, weather, to Schumann Resonances. This information they pass on to the Ethrurians, who in turn process and forward that information elsewhere.

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