The AC/DC Current Wars Make a Comeback

The AC/DC current wars make a comeback
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The decisive battle took place in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair. On one side, the celebrated inventor Thomas Edison. On the other, his former employee Nikola Tesla. And what were they fighting over – love, religion, territory? None of the above. They were fighting over alternating current (AC) versus direct current (DC). A quick explainer: current in metal wires is the flow of electrons, pushed along by a voltage. If the voltage is sourced from a battery, the electrons flow in one direction only. We call this direct current, or DC. However, batteries are not a primary source […]

SNN Editor: Something doesn’t seem right here. The whole reason why Edison “bought” Tesla’s patents on AC current was because AC travels longer distances over power lines with less loss than DC. Now this article is arguing exactly the opposite. This doesn’t make sense. Any physicists out there who can shed some light (as a comment below) on this seeming contradiction?

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