The Astrology of Qanon

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(Astrologer Salvador Russo) Q is the seventeenth letter in the English alphabet and you’d be surprised and perhaps shocked at how often the number 17 shows itself through Q astrology. The mysterious and powerful Qanon movement was born beneath a Scorpio stellium on October 28th, 2017. In astrology “stellium” is a word that means four or more astrological forces concentrated in the same sign within close proximity to one another. Anything branded with stellium energy is super concentrated and focused, like a high-powered laser, towards a specific mission and spiritual destiny. For the record, the Qanon birth stellium consisted of the following: Apollo, the Averter of Evil, at 1° Scorpio; Jupiter, the Great Benefic, at 3° Scorpio; the Invincible Sun at 5° Scorpio; Poseidon, the Master of Magic, at 12° Scorpio and Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, at 17° Scorpio. Mercury is most famously known for being the planet of communication and when Qanon was born it was communicating mysteriously and anonymously from the Q degree of Scorpio.

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