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(Originally posted by Pars Kutay on FB)


There has been a Massive build up of StarShips and Spacecrafts recently of our Beloved Galactic Family like never before, EVERYWHERE!

Around our Sun, in our Solar System, in our Atmosphere! … & Sublunar orbit …

We get reports EVERYDAY Now from all different parts of the world, like Never BEfore!

A Great tendency for them to appear also in Fleets and Clusters NOW.

Not like before where you saw one every now and then.

Mostly due to the dark forces that have controlled the matrix Light Grid for so long!


They “Star Family” are already using less and less of their Cloaking Technologies ON PURPOSE, for many months already!

Allowing to plant the seeds of what is about to happen!

We have been getting so much info from all different sources, people’s personal QHHT session, where they get the information from their own Spirit directly, through dreams, intuitions, readings, even directly from some of the Galactic BEings them SELVES and Other Sources!

They are ALL Here already, everything is in place for the Greatest SHOW you have ever seen.

It is necessary to completely change this reality ALTOGETHER, to something Beautiful, Magical, Expanded, Updated, Upgraded, Completely Open and Free!

They are All, ALL, All going to appear around this planet At The Same Time!

Thousands upon thousands of StarShips all over the world …

StarShips with – Different shapes and sizes, from different races and from different frequency of vibration!

ALL in the Vibration of LOVE

Unity and ONENESS!

Some of these Spacecrafts are so Massive that a single craft will block out your entire sky!

So many different Star Brothers & Sisters have heard our call for HELP!

Many people (the majority) are going to struggle with what they are about to see.

Humans and the controlling forces have been destroying and killing this planet, NOT just the Humans but millions of Species!

This will Change Everything!

We have heard of countless BEings wanting to BE on Earth at this Time, so many did not get the opportunity.

Spend Time “Imagining” this incredible spectacle.

AND SO IT IS – Let’s coexist Physically Mentally and Spiritually Together Finally with our Galactic Star Family…

Let’s Meditate Together…

Get Ready…

The GOLDEN AGE… The Age of Aquarius is Upon Us

And The Grand Reveal… EVENT.

Ria Aurora Athena Ash ❣️

with LOVE ❣️
Pars Kutay

~ ❣️ ~

(This information comes from a Quantum news source)

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