The Connection Between Ghost Towns, Garbage Dumps and Man-Made Lakes

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Originally published here. Courtesy of Rick Jordan.

After every major war, public works projects serve a dual purpose by expanding secret underground military facilities, hiding ancient archaeological evidence, and controlling/concealing/expanding entrances to the Inner Earth, often by damming a river and creating hydroelectric power source in the process.

What is the connection between the California Gold Rush, the Colorado Gold Rush and the Montana Gold Rush? Their origin was in fact the original Gold Rush of the USA, which was the Georgia Gold Rush. The 3 characters who have played the most major role in all three of these Gold Rushes are nicknamed “The Russell Boys”. These three brothers kicked off the Gold Rush in Habersham County, Georgia, and soon after the town of Dahlonega would become the location of the United States’ first gold mint production.

Not long after this, these 3 brothers went directly to the location that is today Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, and once again instantly struck gold. Then they went to a location near Helena, Montana, and once again struck gold, followed by their Discoveries in California. So ask yourself, “How is it that just 3 brothers from Georgia came to be the “Patrons” of ALL of the major Gold Rushes throughout the USA? What information did they have, and where did they attain it? There is much more to this story.

Large tracts of land are cleverly “hidden” as if they don’t even exist due to clever latitude/longitude falsities, creating an augmented map which hides many areas of extreme Historical Importance. There has been a vast “Operation” all across the world to intentionally “shift”/distort Original Ley Lines into false poisonings, hiding the true archaeological hot-spots by creating false “parallel” Lines.

Now ask yourself, if you suddenly inherited a large Nation which was covered with ancient Standing Stones, Ancient Cities, and endless Mines of gold and other precious metals, and yet your task is to conceal these secrets from the public into the far future, what would you do? How could anyone possibly hide all this history, which is too vast to simply destroy. One answer that I have discovered is one nobody would suspect, which is why it was such a good strategy of deception, and this is: Garbage Dumps, aka Landfills.

With constant access to Large Vehicles, these “Landfills” dotting the country are mostly strategic “Military Centers of Operation”, which access roads within the Dumps leading straight down into the Inner Earth Bases. And the fact that these places are dirty, smelly, unclean, etc, is the absolutely perfect cover to ensure your average Joe won’t want to be snooping around there. A few months ago I wrote several articles on the Secret History of Lake Lanier (and surrounding areas), which in ancient times was a sister Gold Mine to those in Southern Africa, the original Gold Mines of the Anunnaki.

Connecting to the Southern End of this man-made Lake (ancient Mine) is none other than a massive Landfill (garbage dump), which is Ever-Expanding. As symbols are hiding everywhere in plain site, the name of the road leading in (and the landfill itself) is: Richland Creek, or “The Rich Land”, symbolizing the treasures under the surface that are hidden by the forces of secrecy, surrounded by endless fields of garbage. This same strategy will have been employed all over the Earth during those times in which the secret societies sought to gain planetary control, therefore the Richland Creek Landfill at Lake Lanier is just one example. The Truth is: they are everywhere, almost every major “public works project” serving many layers of secret functions.

To put things in perspective, Lake Lanier in Georgia is the only the 43th largest man-made lake in the USA, at 59 square miles. The largest man-made lake is Lake Oahe on the border of North and South Dakota, at 685 square miles. Now imagine all the other man-made lakes, dotting the country. It would take an endless amount of time to research and explain the details of each of these lakes specifically, but all you have to do is go through the list and pick one, and research the history of the land surrounding: The End Result is always the same, the lakes are strategically located on spots of Great Historical Importance, usually involving the Ancient Mines and entrances into the Inner Earth transportation system.

Lake Oahe was created by flooding a Great Sacred Valley, which was mined for Gold in the past, and during its creation the gravesides of both Sacajawea and Sitting Bull (Native American heroes) were flooded. This is also the area of the Standing Rock controversy, and understanding the deeper layers of symbolism behind the pipeline involve its construction along an ancient Ley Line, which would have the potential to destroy endless secret archaeological sites in the process. There is much, much more to the Standing Rock story than we’re being told..

This brings us to the phenomenon of “Ghost Towns”, mostly centered around areas of past gold rushes and other secret archaeological history that the groups in power wanted to erase. If you research the history behind these “Ghost Towns” you will immediately see the pattern, which is: The Land is hiding secrets which those in power want to remain hidden. Who knows what dark strategies have been employed to keep these areas free from human habitation, but all the clues point to one similar fact related to all these abandoned ghost towns: They have Secret History related to Gold.

When the Hoover Dam was being constructed a temporary, makeshift shanty town was created to house the many workers, called “Boulder City”, named for the many megalithic structures sprawled throughout the desert plain, to be flooded after the dam was complete. The secrets of the Hoover Dam will be the subject of another article, however you can see the pictures of the Statues adorning its base…

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