The Earth Alliance – Cosmic Light Pulses Impact Earth! – Michael Love

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Channeled by michael love

Great Ones,

Can you feel these powerful incoming energies?New earth alliance intel indicates that earth’s vibrational levels have been rapidly increasing for three straight weeks now!

Further earth alliance datastreams show that benevolent light forces have recently stepped up their game in working to assist earth in it’s transition into the 5th dimension!
The exotic hi-frequency light that’s been beaming into the planet is pegging the charts of earth’s magnetic field and is being reflected down through the atmosphere and onto the surface, at heightened levels!For several weeks now, the the planet has been bombarded by wave after wave of powerful exotic light emanating from the galactic core (the central sun)!

Earth’s sun is reacting strongly to these cosmic light waves and solar activity has now moved into a super-heightened phase!How does all of this affect everyday physical life?

We can tell you the effects and implications are absolutely astounding!Pleiadian science shows that gamma light rays carry packets of intelligent data which instantaneously rewrites the genetic code, allowing it to operate at more advanced and perfected levels!

When we say ‘levels’, we mean multidimensional levels!

Dna is multidimensional and so is consciousness!Imagine being aware of, existing, and functioning in a complex way, in multiple realities at the same time!This is where you are headed! When dormant dna strands are re-activated by high-frequency gamma light, you begin to function in very advanced, super-intelligent and divine ways!This same fifth dimensional gamma light can literally transform a species into an entirely new species in a matter of hours!In the case of earth, we want you to think of an unconscious 3d human transforming into a super-conscious, 5d angelic light being, because this is exactly what is happening!The speed at which this evolution takes place is dependent solely on the power level of the gamma light!

The pleiadians are well aware of these gamma light power levels and have been deflecting more and more of this high-vibrational light towards the earth for some time now!Now that the starseeds of earth are able to hold more light in their layered body systems, be assured that more hi-frequency light is being beamed towards the planet!Great one, as you are aware, there is a massive dimensional split occurring on the surface of the earth right now!

Everyone is choosing the timeline they most resonate with and it is all as it should be!For the ones who are moving further into the 5th dimensional earth, incredible new realities, dimensions and worlds are opening up right before your eyes!We tell you the truth, there is no end to the heavens above the heavens and as you move up through these universal dimensions, no words can describe the absolute awe that you shall experience!

This is the 5d bliss state we speak of where the senses are greatly expanded and one begins to experience states of awe from the high-vibe reality being perceived!Right now, these new levels of experience, intelligence and consciousness are literally rising off the charts for most of the starseeds of planet earth!We the Pleiadians have been here on earth since the very first day and this wonderful now moment of experience is what we have waited for and dreamed of with you for so long!We are your family of light and we are close to you even now!We are watching all of this as it unfolds!We are super excited for you because this is where the real magic and wonder of your ascension is to be experienced!

We tell you, just a tiny bit higher and you shall see us as we are seen and you will then exist beside us, right here!Dear one,in recent sessions with key earth alliance leaders, the main order of business again is, planetary ascension symptoms due to the exotic cosmic particles coming into earth! This weekend, the 4.5 billions starseeds on the surface are reeling again with powerful ascension symptoms however, for the third week in a row the majority of ascension symptom reports reflect mostly heightened states of being!Recent earth alliance and direct Pleiadian intel shows this transition to mostly positive symptoms occurred for the first time on a planetary scale, about 30 earth days ago!

This positive ascension symptom trend is directly correlated to the recent increase in cosmic light levels coming into earth’s atmosphere!The intel further shows this upward positive ascension symptom trend is here to stay and will keep expanding upward with no end in sight!What is happening on earth is the most grand event in the entire cosmos and what happens here will affect the entire universe in the most profound ways!Standby for an upcoming planetary datastream directly from the Pleiadians that speaks about this incredible new 5d experience in magnificent detail!Dear light being,as your vibration increases, you are becoming lighter and you are becoming light!We tell you the truth, “You are the light of this world!

“Breathe in this light deeply now and let it shine like never before!As you soar ever higher, your view is becoming more and more expanded and we want you to be aware that in reality, it is you yourself that is expanding!We can tell you there is nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing ahead!Brace for blinding light and standby as all dna in this cosmos is recoded to a higher and more advanced order!Take the best care of yourself as the energy ramps up this weekend and do all you can do to vibrate high!Now, starseeds of earth, “Activate!”

Let us know below what ascension symptoms or major life changes you may be experiencing! god-speed! monitor the schumann resonance live on our space weather tools page: https://5dearthproject.Com/space-weather-tools/

Special credit and acknowledgment to the earth alliance, the great white brotherhood, the white dragon society, pleiadian codename: cobra, the guardians of earth and the sphere being alliance.


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