The Ethrurian ETs – the “Data Casters”

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A few days ago I was telepathically shown a member of an ET race I’ve not seen before. While they may have been in contact with other humans previously under different names, they identified themselves to me as Ethrurian. In their lingo, their race-name sounds like “eh-turr”.

Of about 6-8 feet in height with dark iridescent skin, they are somewhat beetle-like in appearance. Like humans, their features may vary from individual to individual. The accompanying artist’s depiction of the Egyptian god Thoth bears a strong likeness to the Ethrurian citizen I saw.

From what they told me telepathically, they are technologists who work mostly on Galactic Federation mother ships, some of which are located near Earth. They specialize in raw data handling brought to them mostly by the Aalof ETs (and also possibly the Alorians) in charge of doing data capture on, in, and around Earth.

These people deal in data of all kinds. This information may include political situations, human physiology energy readings, weather, Schumann Resonances. Literally anything measurable. The Ethrurians then sort, process, and interpret this data, store it for historical record, and then pass it on to others wishing to this information. The Ethrurian nation is one of many contributing to the Earth liberation and other projects that will be reported here later.

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