The Event 2020 – Earth Alliance Update – 10/31/2020

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*** The Event 2020Earth Alliance Update – 10/31/2020 ***

Here we go!

The final battle for planet earth has now moved into its completion phase as ‘light forces command’ has given a green-light-go directive to initiate final operation “Ascension earth”!

The earth alliance just received a major data stream directly from light forces that contains an amazing cache of new intel about the timeline for the rest of earth year 2020!

highlighted data markers contained in this latest cache of earth alliance intel

A massive DNA expansion has been occuring on planet earth over the last 30 earth days, which is pushing the great awakening to heightened new levels! This dna expansion is triggering a significant elevation in global human consciousness!

-a major world event shows up on earth’s timeline around november 5th which is a catalyst for the upcoming event culmination! The data marker shows this event is a positive one, however it will have quite a shocking impact on global human consciousness! This consciousness leap is a major turning point on earth’s ascension timeline and like dominoes falling, triggers other world events that are aligned with humanity’s highest good! You are going to witness some amazing things happening over the next couple of earth months across planet earth!

-one major data marker in the latest cache of light forces intel shows shows, as of october, 2020, a large sphere was detected moving behind earth’s sun. This giant sphere plays a main role in earth’s coming grand solar flash! The data shows that right now on earth’s timeline is the point on nibiru’s 3600-year orbit through earth’s solar system where this massive planet comes close to earth again. We have some special channeling and teaching, in our upcoming broadcast about the grand beings that came to earth 450,000 years ago and we tell you, they have come again to make things right with humanity! This part of our upcoming message is based in pure factual evidence that will answer every question about everything that has occurred on earth since humanity was created!

-more details about the magnificent celestial stargate that will open on on 12/21/21 which marks the dawn of the new age of aquarius and the 1st day of the satyuga of central sunlight! The winter solstice of 2020 is the actual time period the ancient indigenous beings were referring to when they ended all their long count calendars in this ascension period from 2012 to 2020.

Details all coming up in our channeled pleiadian light forces transmission to be posted here at 11:11pm est sunday night, 11/1.

light forces operation, ‘ mjolnir’ update 10312020
As you may know, an angelic battle of epic proportions has been taking place above the earth , out of humanity’s view! Light forces have been blasting the hell out of the few remaining draco forces hanging around in sub-lunar space, using powerful pleiadian mjolnir scaler technology over the last two earth weeks and the dark forces that have held earth in bondage for eons are now 99% cleared out of this sector!

The forces of light that guard humanity have won on every front and now everything is ready!

The great time of the earth has finally come!
Now we begin!
Standby for the ride of a lifetime!
Are you ready?
Michael and the Pleiadians

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