The Event 2020: Powerful Solar Winds + Cosmic Rays Impact Earth August 5, 2020

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(This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page. Originally published here on Facebook.)

Great Ones,

As the new Aquarian age draws close, the earth alliance reports that earth’s sun is entering a new phase where it will react more to increasing, inbound, high-vibrational cosmic particles emanating from the galactic core!

12 earth hours ago, a fast-moving stream of solar wind blasted of the sun and impacted earth’s atmosphere early this morning!

Image courtesy of NOAA

This powerful influx of high-speed solar wind hit the earth at a speed of almost 700 km/s (approx 1 million miles per hour) and was in a max state for several hours straight earlier today!

As a result, earth’s magnetosphere is stretched to the max due to the extreme pressure of this incoming photon light!
On top of this solar and cosmic light barrage, the powerful emotional energy coming off of the full moon is creating an exotic mix of strong celestial energies that is indeed a challenge even for the starseeds of earth to transmute!

Ascension symptom reports in an elevated state tonight and are coming in from all across planet earth as starseeds are reeling from the effects of this strong high-frequency energy!

The photon light particles that blasted earth earlier today are literally nano-sized metallic balls of matter that strip right through the human genome with incredible speed and force and this is why we feel it so profoundly!
These powerful light influxes cause abrupt shifts in the auric energy field around our being which directly affects us psycho-physiologically(our mental-emotional-physical response).

Some of the moderate-to-strong ascension symptoms being reported this evening are:

  • nervousness
  • anxiety
  • jittery
  • dizzy
  • irritability
  • lethargic
  • exhausted and drained
  • short-term memory problems
  • lack of focus
  • heart palpitations
  • electrical sensations in the crown chakra
  • time dilation
  • power surges in the body
  • feeling overly emotional
  • feeling nauseous or light-headed
  • insomnia
  • light sensitivity
  • bizarre dreams or very vivid dreams
  • buzzing/ringing in ears
  • visual disturbances

The good news is that the heart chakras of all beings of planet earth are receiving a massive upgrade and release at this time, in preparation for the coming new aquarian age!

As you can see, there is a lot of energetic activity on the surface right now. But all of it is headed somewhere big, so try not get drawn into it all and just allow it play out!

The powerful energy shifts like we had today are happening a lot more now due to, not only galactic-core activity, and the sun’s reactions, but also because of the onset of major 2020 celestial alignments and a new galactic cycle that is about to dawn in a few earth months!

Members of the earth alliance say that these energies will keep building and rise to an apex over the coming weeks and months, as the grand event 2020 culmination draws near!

Even though these higher levels of cosmic light can be a challenge to integrate, there is nothing to be overly concerned about as long as you take the best natural care of your being and your physical container and take time to do your inner work!

Remember the galactic plan is to take your physical body up into the next highest dimension, (while you are still in it) so it must be light and healthy enough to accomplish this!

The light body is composed of light of course, but it is also light in mass so it can move through the 5th-dimensional barrier of new earth!

The Pleiadians say “The human bodies that starseeds inhabit can no longer tolerate ingesting low vibrational toxins and our being must be cleared of all toxic energy to be able to integrate this light without issues.”

Its important to slow down, rest, drink pure water and eat natural energy foods right now!

We must take our ascension serious now because as we move closer to the end of earth year 2020, its going to happen with or without us.

Know that the continued light influxes we are experiencing are a natural cosmic process that is underway which is quickly changing and upgrading all dna in this cosmos to a higher order and leading to the grand evolution of planet earth!

Standby for a major DNA upgrade as this latest influx of solar and cosmic light re-codes every divine cell of your being!
The higher beings teach that sleep is the only time this powerful light can integrate into the body’s cells, so take it from them and just sleep!

When you awaken, you will emerge as a brand new and more advanced being!

Stay tuned for a major Earth Alliance broadcast this coming weekend regarding the fast-approaching beginning of the new Aquarian age!

Take it easy, hang in there, and know that all is well as as it should be!

Let us know what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing at this time!

Divine Blessings and God-Speed!

– Michael and the Pleiadians 💜

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