The Oracle speaks: Activation, Remembrance & Prepare!

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Editor Note: Full text pasted below on the chance the original is deleted in the latest FB censorship rampage.

Source: Erin Elm

The Oracle speaks :: Activation/Remembrance

The times we have seen visions of are commencing. For those of you underground receiving your downloads and upgrades, it’s nearly showtime. You have been prepped for this, you are ready for this.

The chaos will ensue. The flare will happen. Rest and attempt to find a sliver of joy. For your work is about to begin.


Most of you have been relocated to where you need to be. You have been aligning with who you need to align to. The storm is coming and you have been prepping for the hunker. Most of you have received messages to store food, water, and necessities. Continue to follow that as it will be essential soon.

Ground forces are ready. Commencement. Commence. I am being stationed so that I may assist you now. I have been training and waiting for this time. You will heed these words now as it is time to collaborate.

Things have been moved out of your way to make room for what’s coming. Bask in all that is around you now for it will be soon changing. I will not makes sense until you have activated your galactic self. This frequency is not for most. If you are the few, consider yourself the most blessed. For you are and will be an essential part of New Earth. 👽

Death and destruction are coming, it is the planetary purge. Fear not for each soul chose for oneself. But we eradicated and anihilated the dark ones. Because of what they did with Creation herself. There are no battle rules, no holds bard.

The ones like me are anchoring in this frequency, we are building the new. We were re-stationed last year. Moved to where we need to be in order to create within the density battle. We work on the land to anchor in the energetics. Collecting rocks and sticks as we go. It’s all information, knowledge, and Earthly power. The true frequency, nothing of the inverted.

As we activate into it, we elevate. We are elevated so high that most cannot perceive us. We are too bright, it physically hurts some avatars to look at us. And so they war instead because they are programmed to hate the frequency of truth, pure light.

Erin ELM

ELM Awakening



A transcribed segment re New Earth from ::

Alison Coe :: BQH Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis practicioner

“Our mission has been delayed but this is it, this is it.

Information (disclosure) will start to come out in the summer time (June/July). By the end of the year all will know about extra terrestrials and how our govt lied about them. There will be a pentagon release.

Disclosure this year. No stopping the avalanche. Regardless, things are going to pick up.

People will see how the governments have been manipulating people. The people will get angry. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse until the time comes for the shift. Our society is going to stop, there’s going to be some turmoil, but it’s not going to be violent, not until the very end. When it does get violent we’re not going to let it last, we’ll put a hault to it.


Have food ready, tell everyone to have food ready. Make sure to have a plan. No big earth changes until the shift (the flash) so you are fine on the coast. Be prepared. Have food on hand. People will start taking care of each other, people are strong, they will adapt.

Even though things will shut down, we’ll be ready to handle it. This July will start the disclosure. Things will happen in phases as far as the release of information. Humanity will awaken. Many truths will be released and revealed. This has to happen now because the earth’s shift is on a deadline now. She (Gaia) has to shift by next summer, she cannot hold it any longer. The light is going to come through and the light will come from our central sun. We cannot hold it back any longer.

When things get violent, we will intervene and people will be loaded on ships and it will only be a couple of days until the light comes forward.

When things start breaking down and people start freaking out to the point that it’s going to lead to destruction then we will know the light is coming. The people that will stay will stay and the light will come and the earth will shift.

Be excited, be excited. You don’t have to wait any longer. It’s going to be hard for a lot of people but you will be happy. Once everything happens you will receive validation. You know where it’s going to lead.

Remind yourself of the goal and mission and find joy in that. Be happy with now, it’s quiet. It’s calm for a reason. Just take a breath of fresh air. It’s calm now so everyone can breathe because it’s not going to be calm for very long. Enjoy the sunshine and your family and friends. Slow down for now.

You meet people everyday and that is for a reason. You are here to anchor in the light and your frequency.”

(timelines are tricky to pin down, but the war in the sky has ramped up significantly. We seem to be on sped up timeline now… ~Erin)



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