The Problem with the ET’s & Aliens

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(This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.)


The intent of these words is:

  • To make you aware of the very limited and incorrect ideas of just what the ETs and aliens are.
  • To provide an expanded idea of what non-human species (not just ETs) may include.

Correcting Some Beliefs & Practices

Actually the title of this report “The Problem with the ET’s & Aliens” is a bit of a misnomer. The problem is not with the ETs and aliens. The problem is with the very limited and sometimes outright incorrect ideas about ET’s and aliens. Let me explain…

“Aliens” vs ETs

In my contact with them, they don’t like to be called “aliens” for two reasons.

First of all, have a look at the online dictionary definition of the word “alien” as it applies here:

Courtesy of dictionary .com online

Clearly there are several negative connotations in this definition of the word alien. Aside from this, we can cite literally decades of movies, magazines, books, video, alien abduction testimonies and other media that cast “aliens” in a really bad light.

Granted, many of the ones ultimately responsible for all this negativity are negative enities themselves (You can do your own research on the terms “negative extraterrestrials” / “draco reptilian” / “annunaki”). But I’m not going to discuss this here other than to say that one reason why these negative ones created so much negativity around the whole alien idea was to meet their own agenda. This agenda included really limiting humans’ beliefs about aliens. And all the beliefs they planted within us were negative. Anyway…

The prevalent traditional feeling about the word “alien” among humans is negative. It’s ridden with an implied sense of separatism (us vs. them) and much fear belonging to the heaviness of denser belief realms, and not at all helped by decades of movies and other media depicting alien invasions, endless war against aliens, and everyone laughing at little green people.

Well, the good ETs out there (yes, there are many) do not want to be associated with all this negativity.

Their message for me to relay to you is this:

“Please use other words to describe us. Words such as ‘ETs’, ‘extraterrestrials” or “folks around the neighborhood” is acceptable.

Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Many ETs are from Earth

“Extra” – from Latin extra “outside” or “beyond”

“Terrestrial” – from Latin terra “the earth

Stop and think about it.

Many of the so-called ET races are really ancient. They’ve been hanging around Earth for a long time – some have even been here longer than humans. I have even met people who claim to be ET, but merely in human form!

So, in this sense: They are from Earth. This is their home also.

Just because human people haven’t been to see them doesn’t mean they aren’t here. As more and more wake up, they begin to see the cause for this lack of vision (not discussed here), and likewise see that these ET folks have been here for a very long time. Working with and many times assisting humans all along.

An ancient cave-stone painting of Alorian ETs in Australia.

Read more about the Alorians here.

Not all Non-Humans are ETs / Not All ETs are Non-Human

One common mistake among many of the newly awakened is to lump all non-human species into the “ET category”.

While some non-human life forms are indeed ETs (from outside of Gaia), there many who are humans or are at least humanoid. There are many instances of this. I cite for example the many peoples (of many different species) reported in Message from The Undersea Nations 7-22-2020.

Conversely, many ETs are human. I cite that many Andromedans are human, including those who left Earth several decades ago with the human scientist Maria Orsic, as reported in The Inventor of Anti-Gravity & Space Propulsion: Maria Orsic.

There are also the human inhabitants of Agartha (Agarta), and those living under Mt Shasta.

There are also human civilizations such as the “breakaway Mayans” who travel space-time-dimensions, and the “breakaway German” civilization who lived on the moon and later on Mars – all of which have been documented in the exhaustive research and testimonies of Dr. Michael Salla, Corey Goode, Johan Fritz and Randy Cramer.

There are also the nearly-identical-to-human species such as the Nordic-Pleiadians like “Valiant Thor” and the several women that the Secret Space Program (SSP) engineer William Tompkins worked with for decades.

Other Species

Think of your pet cat or dog. Are they beloved as a part of your family? For many, yes, they are.

But they are non-human. Yet they live here on Earth with you as a fellow citizen. You may even share a powerful loving bond with them. For those who are more awakened, you are even able to communicate with them telepathically.

There are also the more subtle species. Traditionally we have called these people the etherics, the angelics, the energetics, etc. They live on, in, or around Gaia as we do, yet in a different energetic realm. Because they’re from Earth, as non-humans they cannot be classified as ETs.

Benevolent energetic “walker” beings captured at night on video frame.

So, I caution you not to fall into the convenient trap of labeling all non-humans as ETs. If you have to label, then call them exactly as they are: “non-humans” – but even that labeling smacks of discrimination and separatism.

Comes now the time for all to be united. Which bring us to…

Telepathy as the New Bridge

I won’t get too much into it here because this is relatively new territory for me personally as well as for humanity as a whole. But… Telepathy will be the new bridging factor by which we will be able to communicate… with literally everyone.

Telepathy is the current breakthrough paradigm for humanity.

But not for the animals, the plants, and many of the ETs. In this respect, they’re way ahead of humans.

Being Practical

Much of my discussion here has cast other species with a mostly open and generally positive attitude. Because of this there will be some readers who think I’m saying that all non-humans have good intentions. No, not at all. I’ve had some really negative experiences with negative beings.

If anything, I say: Treat all living creatures – animals, plants, angelics, ETs, etc. – with the same consideration that you would appropriately do with a family member, a new friend, a stranger, or someone you need to stay away from. Appropriate consideration. Discernment.

I see the possibility for a lot of intellectual conversation – and even doubt or argument for some reading these words. We were previously taught to face the prospect of working with non-human races with extreme caution, or by default as a possible threat. Much of this has to do all the unfounded heavy psychological programming in the movies, education, and mainstream media.

Well, all of that is falling away now. Thank goodness!

What’s The Point?

At this point in time, Gaia and her people are going through some beautiful big changes amid the tumultuous collapse of of the old dark paradigm.

Greatly because of telepathy now starting to come online, many earth-surface humans will be enjoying new connections more than ever! Not just ETs, but all life and creation (including aspects of one’s own self) in its many forms.

We all have so much to look forward to!

UPDATE 4/29/2021: According to Gene Decode in this interview, our neighbors prefer to be called “non-terrestrials”.

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