The Three Kinds of Med Beds to Deliver Quantum Healing

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News from The Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings, brought to you by Canadian Psychic Medium Tracey Milne AAHP. GESARA Technology Quantum Healing!

Source: Tracey Milne AAHP

Video Notes:

Med beds have two two passive modes: diagnosis and monitoring. The third active mode actually conducts the healing.

Three kinds of beds:

  • Type 1: Holographic Med Bed – See 5min 50sec. Can provide diagnosis for illness as well as treat those illnesses in much shorter time and with far less invasive technology than conventional medical methods.
  • Type 2: Regeneration Bed – See 8min 35sec. Ideal for people requiring organ replacement or transplant, missing or severed limbs, or skin grafts due to burn injuries.
  • Type 3: Age & Memory Regression Bed – See 9min 43sec. Provides the physical body age with regression. For example an 90 year old woman can be regressed to 30 and be able to bear children and enjoy the benefits of a young healthy body. For memory regression, memory healing can help the mind release trauma, PTSD, and depression.

Beds include the use of plasmatic energy instead of radiation or chemistry like chemotherapy for optimized and balanced health.


Considering that med beds aren’t here yet in a form

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