The Tipping Point on Revolution Radio: Guest Brent Johnson – Scott McKay

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Click the original video or article link here >>> TPR – THE TIPPING POINT ON REVOLUTION RADIO: SCOTT MCKAY ON W/ Guest Brent Johnson – 3.8.21

Special Guest Brent Johnson, director of Freedom Bound International, a Common Law Service Center, dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights and the Declaration of Independence.

Source PatriotStreetfighter

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One comment

  • I love the part where Brent says President Trump will be reinstated and that’s a guarantee! I am so looking forward to that day, because if Beijing Biden continues the way he has the first few months of his regime there will be nothing left of our country by midterms and certainly not by the presidential election. Praying that Brent is privy to the truth.

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