The “TR” Series of Anti-Gravity Spacecraft

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Over the decades, the mention of a triangular-shaped advanced technology spacecraft used by the Secret Space Program (SSP) has commonly been associated with the TR-3B “Astra”.

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TR-x Series spacecraft or higher, possibly TR-3G, TR-4, or TR-6

Former Soldier Provides New Information

Former Secret Space Program (SSP) super soldier Johan Fritz has provided valuable updated information regarding the “TR” series of anti-gravity spacecraft operated by various factions of the Secret Space Program (SSP) and Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

Over the decades among truth-seekers and leading-edge space tech watchers, these spacecraft have been known as the “TR-3B”, code named “Astra”. However, there have been updates related to this craft:

“Photo-Chemical” Cloaking

Mentioned by Johan Fritz in Super Soldier Johan Fritz – Secret Space Program (SSP) & Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), the TR-4 and TR-6 craft use photo-chemical cell cloaking technology. Fritz states that this cloaking technology takes a picture of the atmosphere above the craft and duplicates it onto the bottom of the craft so that people or photo-sensitive devices (like cameras) are not able to detect the craft. Fritz describes this technology as “photo-chemical cells”.

While Fritz did not specifically say this, it appears the TR-3B/G craft does not use this cloaking, which may explain why so many actual photos and videos of this craft are available.

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