They Never Ended The Montauk Project | Camp Hero | Plum Island

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The Montauk Project was the successor to the Philadelphia experiment and took place at Camp Hero and Plum Island. What’s true and what’s fiction is hard to ascertain but experiments were carried out at Camp Hero and Plum Island…

Operation Insomnia brings you a Scary Sci-fi Story from Reddit’s Nosleep, simply entitled “They Never Ended The Montauk Project”. They ended the Philadelphia Experiment and closed Camp Hero, but the Montauk Project continues at Plum Island. It’s bigger than the Philadelphia Experiment every was, or at least that’s the story. Plum Island and Camp Hero actually do exist so who knows maybe the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project do as well… One thing is sure this story is excellent, so sit back and enjoy a horror story from Nosleep!

Operation Insomnia

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