TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft

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Originally posted by the kind folks at Alien Skies on Facebook, these are some really good shots of a TR-3B series of anti-gravity electromagnetically propelled spacecraft. (click images for larger picture). Because of its longer dimension along one axis, this one has been modified for flying mostly in atmospheric conditions. The ones that are perfectly triangular are made more for full-blown space flight.

As of this report, there is no officially endorsed released acknowledgement of the existence of this craft, let alone its specifications. However, recent patent disclosures such as those described in the following links strongly state that the technologies supporting this craft do exist:

As stated in the first listed patent above, some of these technologies include:

  • Mass Reduction
  • Reduced Field Resistance
  • Faster-Than-Light Speeds
  • Flying through an Artificially Created “Void”

Here is an artist’s video rendition of what one looks like:

Courtesy of TR3 Black Manta

Originally mentioned and photographed as early as the 1970s or 80s, the TR3B series of spacecraft was likely designed and built by Lockheed and similar large aerospace players as a cooperative effort in the cabal-operated Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), as confirmed by the testimonies of many ex-military insider whistleblowers such as Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, William Tompkins and the years-long research conducted by Dr. Micheal Salla.

The craft shown in the above photos closely match the design of the spacecraft mentioned in Channeling: New Spacecraft Tech to be Disclosed, a craft designed with a slightly elongated axis to provide stability for flight in an atmosphere.

The TR3B craft was likely derived by scientists imported into the US space program following World War II during Operation Paperclip. These scientists (including NASA’s first Director Wernher von Braun) had worked in Hitler’s SS secret rocket programs, and previously had a hand in the Nazi-designed Haunebu series of anti-gravity craft, a derivative of the primitive NaziDie Glocke” experimental craft, a technology originally stolen from the 1930s Vril craft design made by the brilliant Austrian scientist Maria Orsic.

“Die Glocke” – the Nazi ‘Bell’ unpiloted experimental anti-gravity test platform
Artist rendition of “Haunebu 2” of the Haunebu series of anti-gravity electromagnetically propelled Nazi spacecraft.
Alleged photograph of Nazi officers standing near a Haunebu spacecraft.
Maria Orsic, the first modern designer of successfully flown anti-gravity spacecraft.

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TR3B in videos:

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