12 Star Nations: Twelve Original Ancestors – Only Two of Which Are Human

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Source: Gracious courtesy of Julie Ryder – THANK YOU! This info is so very important!

Star Nations News℠ Editor: This information ties in directly with the “12 Star Nations” mentioned in the report entitled Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects

Twelve Original Ancestors: Only Two of Which Are Human


Just before dawn as the desert sky began to lighten the all night conversations were winding down the Cherokee Elder starred into the central fire. Softly at first he began the story of the Twelve Original Ancestors. “My grandfather died when I was seven. I was made a Chief at nineteen..but they were killing Chiefs back then and so they hid me. When I was a young boy my grandfather conducted the 12 day Star Nation Ceremonies. Each day…one pole for each of the original ancestors. At dawn the pole was erected and each day was dedicated to the stories and knowledge handed down for generation upon generation.

“In my 73rd year I was browsing the internet looking at artifacts for sale on Amazon. Up popped a photo of the statues of the Twelve Original Ancestors Only Two of Which Are Human. I printed several copies…grabbed by bag…jumped in my truck and drove 1700 miles to the Navajo.

“I showed the photo to the Navajo Elder and he disappeared for five hours. Upon his return out of the desert he assured me that all was well. So I hopped on a plane to Hawaii. The Huna woman disappeared for three weeks and returned to announce that they were safe. Then to Trinidad. There are no taboos or preliminary ceremonies in Trinidad and so I was invited into the cave to see for myself.

“Returning home I made several phone calls and sent a few emails. Finally from Australia the story emerged that the statues had been stolen out of a archaeology dig in Guatemala and hidden in Australia. Generations later the statues were put on the market in an estate sale. They had been sold to the highest bidder.” Tears appeared in his eyes as the Elder concluded the sad story of knowledge lost. “I regret every day that I had not listened to my Grandfather…that I had chosen to play with my friends instead of learn about the Ancestors.”

​When dawn came I showed the Elder my drawings of the Ancestors that had haunted my dreams. He confirmed that I had “dreamed correctly”.

This Cherokee Elder had traveled the world seeking knowledge about the Twelve Original Ancestors only Two of Which Are Human for many years. He had assisted in gathering the tribes to ceremony and participated in conversations with Indigenous Peoples.

Courtesy Julie Ryder

When a Wisdom Keeper once asked me what I desired most of all I answered that I needed to know what he knew about the Twelve Ancestors. I showed him the Ancestor drawings, the photo of the Blue Orb and photos of the diamonds above my head. My wish was granted. My passport photos were my admission ticket into the Initiation Ceremonies.

I was taken into ancient ceremonies to give offerings to the humongous glyphs of the Twelve Ancestors some of which matched my drawings.  I was instructed  to give the offerings and then allowed to touch and download the knowledge of a sculptured ancestor with an elongated skull and a feather protruding from the third eye.

After the download twelve warriors gathered on the ledge and the Keeper began to sing. The first note echoed through the canyon and returned to create a harmonic with the second note and then with the third. Three part harmony echoed over and over again. My entire body began to quiver and I could not stand up. Visions of the Making of the Worlds…the journey from the Central Sun…the journey to the present timeline…alternate time lines..memories flooded my senses.

When we returned to the central fire the Keeper stood on a mound of quartz crystal and nodded to me that I could approach him. I acknowledge that he had sang the Original Sound of the Making. He was surprised that I recognized it. This Keeper believed that he was the last and only person alive on the Planet that knew the Original Sound that brings spirit into matter…implicate into explicate form.

Courtesy Julie Ryder

The Elongates Skull with a feather on the third eye is very similar to Nefertiti images found in Egypt. ​ Years later I discovered a glyph of one of the Twelve Ancestors carved into a stone wall here in Montana. When I attempted to take a photo branching steams of light with spheres appeared and I knew I must leave immediately. I gave offerings, dusted the sand from my sandals and then closed and sealed all portals.

Legends of Twelve Original Ancestors are similar to the Christian-Judeo concept of the return of the Messiah to usher in one thousand years of peace known as the millennium.  Hindu prophecies regarding the return of Ganesha, the elephant head god, are the same general theme. In South American, Indigenous tribes teach of the prophecies of the Return of Quetzalcoatl at the End of Days.  

In ancient times in America the legends were passed down in ceremonies that lasted for 12 days as the 
12 poles of the Star Lodge were constructed. Different tribes have retained similar pieces of the same knowledge. The Twelve Original Ancestors are honored in petroglyphs, art, music, legends, and rituals throughout the world.

Sumerian documents are very specific about the genetic blood-lines of the Twelve. Numerous documents throughout the world record the union of Star People with humans which resulted in the demi-gods of Greek legend, and to the claim to kingship and divinity. In Christian mythology the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she was chosen to bear the son of a God. Again the story of a human female virgin who was chosen and impregnated by a Divine Being from the heavens in order to upgrade the state of humans on earth
The Indigenous Elders were surprised when I could “tell the tale” and even name and describe a few of the Original Ancestors.  I had learned a portion of this story from reading Zecharia Sitchin who translated hundreds of Sumerian documents which record the stories of one genetic line of the two human star ancestors.  According to Sitchin the Sumerians associate each of the ruling counsel members with a specific heavenly body in our solar system. There can only be twelve at one time. According to the Sumerian documents the rulers are appointed and inherit their positions according to the percentage of Anunnaki blood.

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