UFO Sighting: ‘Alien Cube Ship’ Ten Times Bigger Than Earth Captured by Nasa

UFO sighting: 'Alien cube ship' TEN TIMES bigger than Earth captured by NASA
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After analysis of images shot by US-based space agency NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite, alien life enthusiasts believe they have spotted a huge UFO near the Sun. What appears to be a solar anomaly close to the Sun’s surface is claimed by alien life conspiracy theorists to be a UFO of an almost incomprehensible scale. Life on Mars: ‘Thousands of mushrooms’ spotted in NASA Curiosity rover pics – shock claim According to prominent alien hunter Scott Waring, the supposed UFO is at least ‘ten times the size of Earth’. Earth’s radius is 3,958 miles (6,37km), making the […]


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