UFO Sighting: is a ‘Black Cube’ Orbiting the Sun Proof of a NASA Cover-up?

UFO sighting: Is a 'black cube' orbiting the Sun proof of a NASA cover-up?
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The supposed appearance of an “alien cube” near the Sun has sparked a viral UFO frenzy. One Twitter user said: “With the reports of the giant cube near the sun: Has anyone checked on the cuboid tower on Saturn recently? I’m thinking it might have been a demon space ship.” Recently unearthed UFO reports show a similar “black cube” was previously photographed by the NASA and ESA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft. End of the world: Bible’s ‘hidden’ 2021 doomsday prophecy exposed after ‘code cracked’ The discovery led to claims of a possible UFO cover-up by NASA. According […]


SNN Editor: NASA is a cover op for the Secret Space Program (SSP).

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