‘Unhackable’ Internet Moves a Step Closer After ‘Game-Changing’ Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for Safer Online Communication

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Click the original article link here >>> ‘Unhackable’ internet moves a step closer after ‘game-changing’ quantum breakthrough paves way for safer online communication

Scientists in the UK have demonstrated a prototype quantum network for secure online communications that can’t be penetrated by cyber attacks. The University of Bristol’s ‘multiplexing’ system splits light particles that carry information to multiple internet users from a single central source. Researchers have demonstrated the technology – which employs the odd effects of quantum entanglement – on optical fibres in different locations across Bristol. PLAY Top Articles by Daily Mail Evidence photos in Breonna Taylor case show shell casings and bodycam About Connatix V52011 Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Visit Advertiser website GO […]


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