Upcoming Telecomm Tech (6G/7G?) May Already Be Disclosed in ET Communication

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Previously Disclosed

In a previous post (linked below) we see that a certain telecomm technology was provided in some detail via a telepathic conversation with an Alysseum ET. The technology disclosed in this conversation bears a striking similarity with what is rumored to be an upcoming (6G?) communication technology, purported to be a true game-changer in the telecomm industry.

A “game-changer” in the sense that this technology is not incremental. So, what do we mean by “incremental?” For example, 4G was a minor step up (incremental) upgrade from 3G, and 5G is similar small step up from 4G. But, not that way with new tech (6G, possibly relabeled as 7G?). Whoever works with this new tech is going to have to re-tool completely from the ground up!

Some Details from an ET

The technology will have features as described in the post linked below. Here is an excerpt:

So, with this in mind, the technology I will speak of here will be both transitional and evolving. Sometime in the future you will be given devices that are similar to hand-held cell phones and tablets, but they are intentionally meant to be a transitional technology. At first these devices will look and work like conventional cell phones and such, but are completely configurable to your personal preferences. They will literally evolve with you over time as you use them.”

The technology spoken of here is quantum in nature. Technology of a kind the general populace has never seen before.

In any case, read up on the details for this upcoming technology as related in the telepathic ET communication in the linked article here.

Regarding Telepathy & Quantum Technology

Some readers may consider telepathic communication (telepathy) an illegitimate or implausible form of communication. Considering that the new form of telecomm tech posed here is quantum – non-liner and entirely unconventional – in nature, telepathic communication itself also qualifies as a form of quantum technology! We recommend you suspend your judgment and take in all of the information presented here. Then sit back and see how this plays out in the real world.

6G in the Mainstream

At the time of this writing (May 2020) there is practically no discussion of 6G, but formative discussion has begun here to define some seemingly quantum-like features, as listed in this linked article written by a telecommute industry expert. These features include:

While these attributes aren’t defined in the article, we can only look forward to what they mean later.

6G in Non-Mainstream Reporting

Citizen journalist and reporter Cirsten W consistently reports on key issues in global society, and makes frequent mention of upcoming technologies, including quantum-based tech, of which she claims 6G will exhibit.

Time will tell exactly how these technologies will manifest!

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