Welcome the Andulurian & Hydromedan ETs – Update June 18, 2020

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Yesterday I had spoken to me the ET race names “Hydromedans” and “Andulurians”.

As it is with many ET races, they exist more energetically than in physical form. But when the time comes for the human race, we will rise up enough energetically so that we will be able to perceive of them in a the physical-energy form in which they exist within the higher realms.

As with many other races, these folks have been here on or near Earth for a long time. They are both member groups of the Galactic Federation.

The Andulurians – “The Pathfinders”

Like some of the other ET folk (mentioned later) I have written of, the Andulurian folk are pure technologists, and they work within a frequency (realm) in which they specialize. In this case their specialty is in helping us clear the path between the earth and sky as mentioned in the previous section.

While our task is somehow to make both Earth and Sky meet, the task is seemingly too daunting to even begin. As we humans – and indeed the Earth herself – have never even done this before, we need to be shown the way the first few times before we can take the reigns. As pathfinders, the Andulurians step in to help with this.

The first part is in assisting us to clear the most obvious path between the realms of Earth and Sky. There are two aspects: the clearing of old detritus outside of us, and clearing the crud within ourselves.

Related to the clearing outside, the Andulurians work in a platinum-colored frequency of energy. Within the human realm, platinum is a precious metal that stands out free and clear from the other metals (gold and silver) whose value traditionally has been derived from a value system installed by outside intruders. In this respect the value of gold and silver is foreign to us (for now).

But platinum stands out as a newcomer precious metal in the human realm. Similar to gold, platinum is slightly harder than gold and thus in this level of hardness, it is a step up from gold in its durability. As an entirely different element altogether, it no longer holds the resonance of gold and gold’s ages-old bastardization as the only worthy precious metal – a metal over which for ages humans have fought and died throughout old dark history.

Cutting Away the Old Ways Outside – The “Implied Hive Agreement”

So for the clearing outside of us, the Andulurians use platinum frequency to create a figurative magnet – a magnet made of platinum – to attract us to what we are intending for our future, cleaving away from the crud outside of us and blocking our way to help make way in the Pathfinding process of ascension. The Andulurians beckon us to step upward in our bridging of the lower earth and upper sky realms.

On the outside, the most obvious first magnetic task will begin with drawing us away from the “implied hive agreement”. As the singer Billy Joel says, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. But when we were born onto this planet, we sure inherited the fire and all the mess that came long with it. At some point in our youth, before we knew any better, we acquiesced to just accepting the mess as an unchangeable part of the world. And because we believed it was unchangeable, it indeed became so.

The entrained collective belief of so many people believing they could do nothing about what was so very wrong in the world became the “implied hive agreement” of the collective.

It will take many years, one person by one, to dissemble this agreement.

When will you begin your disassembly?

Because the “implied hive agreement” appears to be on the outside (a part of the old dark separation paradigm), in order to destroy the hive agreement we have to start gravitating away from it from within.

Drawing Away from the Old Ways Inside

As for the old detritus and crud from within, we ourselves may wish to create a platinum magent to draw us away from that which no longer serves us. As our Pathfinder friends, the Andulurians hand us the raw platinum energy from which we can craft our new magnet, and the making of it is up to us as individuals. As individual people, no personal New Life Attraction Magnets among us will be the same. Let us cleave away from those things within that no longer serve us! Among this inner garbage is self-sabotage in all its forms. And let us be drawn to and drown unto ourselves the new life we are now creating.

This clearing without and within will be a work of many years, and it will have to be re-performed many times over until we get it right, and until it comes naturally to us.

We say thanks to the Andulurians, those ethereal aspects of us that assist in giving us this technology so that we can help ourselves.

This is only the first part! Now step in the Hydromedans.

The Hydromedans – “The Bridgers”

As their name suggests, the Hydromedans do have something to do with the water, but their purview covers Gaia’s surface (land and water) as well as the sky. Their name hearkens to the time of the “water empires” (Atlantis and Lemuria), as they worked with these civilizations back then, and even before.

In short words, the Hydromedans are “The Bridgers” or bridge-builders – as they facilitate the energetic connection between Gaia’s surface and the sky. While this bond does exist in a purely energetic form, the bond is not that cut-and-dried. It is metaphorical also. But I caution you not to take such metaphor as a casual matter of suggestion. This metaphor is a “soft reality” that is just as hard and concrete as any solidified reality. For us earth-surface humans, that is.

And the metaphor is this: That while we stand here on this hard Earth filled with soil, stone, and raging water – throughout the ages we have aspired to rise up to the sky. Indeed by day we have gazed upon the winged ones and envied their ease of flight. And at night we gaze even further upat the heavens with her planets and stars.

The desire to be uplifted to meet the sky is in our DNA, blood and bone.

And now the time nears where this will become true!

This said, the Hydromedans are here to assist us in establishing the intent to rise up. To close the rock-hard illusory gap between earth and sky. In this way, alas, the Hydromedans are indeed “The Bridgers”.

The Hydromedans in Ancient Culture

The Hydromedans are ancient. They play in with the ancient Norse story of Heimdall (Old Norse Heimdallr) in Norse mythology, the watchman of the gods. Heimdall dwelt at the entry to Asgard, where he guarded Bifrost, the rainbow bridge – both of these ideas introduced to us in the recent Thor movies from Hollywood.

For the Lakota, the Hydromedans are the sacred motion of separation and connection between air and water, when the Blood of Inyan separated, and the difference was Blue, as he changed into to the Blue Stone Crystal in the center of the Earth. They are as WakanKin Waste, Water and Air Spirit beings and States of being when they combine, as fog and mist, the breathe of life, of the Tunkasila, plasma weavers, amniotic fluid, our blood, carry our prayers in our smoke and cleanse in the sweat lodge. As the WakanKin Sica, they are Unktehi, wiwila, all shadow aspects of water and air, necessary for the structures in Creation.

The intent is set. As The Bridgers, they will help us bridge the gap. The next step is in the doing.

Other ET Folks Helping Also

Piggybacking onto our efforts with the platinum Andulurians are the Alorians, whose conductive metallic bodies are akin to platinum. Among other things, the Alorians are healers. They’ve been helping us heal and regain strength over millennia of battles, triumphs and losses.

The Alysseum (aka Elysium, “The Scientists”) help in the details of creation in the New Earth Human paradigm. Once the intent has been set to create this bridge between earth and sky, the Alysseum step in with infinite details on how this all may be built, for indeed we humans and Gaia together have not done this kind of hing before. The Alysseum have.

The Hollowei ET folks specialize in timeline solidification, for without the firm backdrop of a solid timeline, none of this could happen.

The Ethrurians and Aalof are helping in their bridging efforts also, in the various Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects that will help bridge the connection and communication gap between Earth and the other Star Nations.


This bridging of the Sky and Earth in this sense is indeed an “Ascension”. As helpful tools we focus now on high colors: pale yellow, pink, and blue. We listen inside for the early queues that will soon develop into full-blown telepathy, humanity’s next step in the awareness evolution.

Special gratitude to Okicize Yuha Mani Win and Lisa Faye for their research and input on this report.

Gratitude to all!

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